Aston Pottery

It feels as though the garden at Aston Pottery is having a bit of a moment right now. There has been plenty of editorial on it and last week it featured on Gardeners World. I imagine this is because it successfully flaunts a couple of garden trends. Namely Dahlia’s and brilliant perennial planting.

So I was very pleased to find myself totally alone when I visited last week. An upside of visiting a garden in the wind and the rain when no-one else is mad enough to be there. Colours sprung out from the grey drizzle and the rain drops made the flowers shine.

I loved the colours of the pom pom dahlias on the grasses and blue clapper board.  If you can’t get there then the website is a font of info on the planting and what the garden looks like through the seasons. I’m sure I’ll find myself there again for more inspiration through the year – whatever the weather!