REFLECTION: Cornflowers & peas

As good a reason as any to grow peas is that children can’t resist a bit of podding and any process that engages them with growing is good with me.

This year I grew 10 plants down the middle of a raised bed and surrounded them with garlic, cornflowers round the edges and a few cauliflowers in any space left. The garlic has just been harvested, which is just as well as it was beginning to be completely covered by the peas, and once the peas and cornflowers are over I will pull them up and let the cauliflowers have the run of the bed.

This evening we are feasting on freshly harvested chioggia, peas, sorrel & borage with a bit of mozzarella and a lemon vinaigrette thrown on top. A move away from our usual ‘beans on toast’ Sunday supper so feeling very righteous!

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