RITUAL: Making mayonnaise

This recipe revolutionised my real mayo making and made it pretty much as easy as buying shop bought mayo. Its  really fun to do and very satisfying!

It literally takes a minute to make and you can style it up with lemon, garlic herbs or whatever you fancy. Making your own means you can choose organic oils, apple cider vinegar or lemons & limes to keep it super healthy.


One whole large fresh egg

One cup (250ml) light tasting olive oil or groundnut oil 

The juice of half a lemon or lime ( about 2 or 3 teaspoons) or the equivalent amount of vinegar. 

A generous pinch of salt

1. Use a tall wide jar to make and store the mayo in. The opening needs to be just wide enough to accommodate your stick blender - if its too wide it won't work.

2. Pop the egg in the jar and add the lime, lemon juice or vinegar. If you want to add mustard, garlic or any other flavouring now's the time to do that.

3. Pour in the cup of oil and let that sit for a few seconds until the egg settles at the bottom.

4. Push your stick blender to the bottom of the jar, switch it on then don't move it for 20 seconds. You will see the mayo magic start to happen and just as it reaches the top of the oil bring the stick blender to the top of the mayo and move it around a bit to finish it off.

5. Job done - easy fresh and healthy mayo every time!
Easily keeps for a week in the fridge.

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