RITUAL: Buy veg seed

There couldn’t be a better time to grow some veg. If you want to produce enough to make a bit of a difference, reduce the plastic wrap in your kitchen, grow the foods that are most expensive to buy and guarantee better nutritional value in your produce then I hope this will help. 

Here’s your seed shopping list. I’ve ordered things into three sowing times – March, April and May.

For indoor sowings a windowsill will do if you don’t have a green house.

I’ll be following up with how I’m planting my veg and flowers in future blog posts over the coming months. 

Direct Sow Outdoor

Carrot –  Early Nantes 2 (March 

Broadbean -‘Superaguadulce’ (March)  

Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor (May) Beetroot Bolivar (April)

Swiss Chard (March)  

Perpetual Spinach ‘Erbette” – doesn’t bolt in drought (March) 

Salad leaves Speedy mix (March) 

Lettuce Marvel of Four Seasons (May) 

Climbing French Bean ‘Blue lake’ ( May) 

Beetroot Chioggia (March) 

Lettuce Oak Red Leaf Salad Bowl – cut & come again (April) 

Edamame Summer Shell (May) 

Choose one main crop and one early potato from the garden centre or suppliers above

Sow Indoor 

Dwarf French Bean (May) 

Cavalo Nero Yurok F1 (March) 

Courgette Cocozelle  – stripy found in Italian markets (April) 

Courgette Gold Rush  – yellow courgette (April)  

Pea ‘Blauschokker’  – purple pea pods (March) 

Squash Red (Uchiki) Kuri  – amazing colour and great flavour (April) 

Tomato Gardeners Delight (March)

Tomato Clementine – yellow sweet tart flavour (March) 


Sarah Raven Liquid seaweed

Organic Cultivated Comfrey Liquid Feed

Other things to do this week

  • Keep mulching beds. Go over them with a fork to remove any weeds and then add up to 6″ compost on top. I’ve just bought my compost. A bulk bag Black Gold Bulk Bag (900 Ltrs) to mulch all 10 raised beds. Delivered by pallet it saves a lot of plastic, from Compost Direct. I also stock up on Organic Sylvagrow by Melcourt. My favourite compost for sowing and potting on. Look at Melcourts website for your nearest stockist. 
  • This week is time for what Dan Pearson romantically calls the ‘Valentines chop’. Any perennials that you’ve left for seed heads over winter can be cut back and beds prepped for the year ahead. 
  • Have a look at Saxifraga and Arabis ‘Rose delight’ if you’re looking to add colour to your garden right now. 
  • Chit potatoes. Stand them on their ends in old egg cartons and keep them somewhere indoors bright and cold to sprout. 
Orchid Festival Kew

Go and See

  • Stay warm and go and visit the wonders of Indonesia in the 25th Orchid Festival at Kew. They have a special half term performance about the plant hunter Evelyn Cheesman discovering a secret orchid in New Guinea. Looks amazing! 
  • A friend just sent me a post card by Jason Gathorne Hardy and it reminded me to plan a visit to the 2020 Alde Valley Spring Festival in Suffolk. This year it’s called On a Turning Wing. You can sign up so you receive the full programme that includes The Big Spring Picnic:Borneo and more about the exhibition at Alde Valley Spring Festival.

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